9 top ideas to share on Instagram to increase your followers

You are currently viewing 9 top ideas to share on Instagram to increase your followers

9 top ideas to share on Instagram to increase your followers

9 top ideas to share on Instagram to increase your followers

If we are required to post on Instagram regularly it’s not difficult to get bored. The first step to ensuring that your followers are happy and satisfied is to share and upload new content daily. However, sometimes it seems like we’ve posted every type of post that comes to our heads. In this case, if you post over and over again your boring posts, you will cause your followers to be annoyed. So, don’t fret because we’ve collected some fantastic ideas for you to post content to Instagram so that your followers are content and also to gain Instagram followers i.e., your new followers. Let’s go to work.
You’re running out of Instagram ideas for your posts? Here are some unique and best suggestions for you!!

Make yourself memes

At present, there’s nothing more on-trend than memes that are shared on social media platforms, like Instagram. If you’re not able to find a unique meme to share on your Instagram account You can always create your own. There are a lot of companies and brands that use this method to impress their followers. The followers always enjoy the custom memes, particularly those featuring their preferred brand ambassador.

Beautiful images of your items

Every brand or business posts basic images of their products regardless of the subject they’re selling, on their social media profiles. What if, however, you don’t want to be boring and be innovative by doing this. It’s not always essential to spend money on expensive photography, shoots, and others. You can noticeably organize your product line. For example, you might be selling cosmetics. You can upload pictures of you or your friend using specific cosmetic products that you sell.


As a professional firm as a brand could be a bit odd to share photos of yourself whether from your childhood or your adulthood. However, people who follow you always want to get to know their favorite brand on a personal level. If you share photos from your previous moments, they love and are delighted.

The video contains an important bit of information

As a brand or a company, we always opt to publish promo content through our various social media pages. Sometimes, it can be annoying for your followers to post advertisements regularly. If you decide to post the video in a short form with useful and cost-free information for your followers, they’ll surely enjoy it. Your followers will love watching you speak and communicate through videos. This shows that you are concerned for them as a business.

Share the content of another account

It’s not always necessary to write distinct posts for each social media platform. If you’re a company or brand are likely to have additional social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore, if you’re lacking time to capture a photo from one of your most liked tweets or Facebook posts and share it on Instagram. It will not only help make your life easier but also helps increase the visibility of your other social profiles.

Images with inspirational quotes

This is a great idea for talented typographers who are creative minds. People always want to read inspirational quotes and stunning images. It is important to be aware that these quotes cannot be duplicated, as they could damage your reputation. Amazing images with inspirational quotes are always appreciated by people.


The process of creating tutorials will require time on your end, but it’s something your followers will adore. If your tutorials become well-known, users will share them and you will gain Instagram followers over time because of this. There are no limits to creating tutorials. It is possible to choose any topic to create short videos you’re proficient at. For instance, if you can do an incredible makeover with simple techniques take it. If you’re an artist with great mastery over it, then you can follow its tutorials too.

Display them your positive side

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by working spaces and productivity? If you decide to post your photos or short videos of your office space, they will surely be thrilled to see them. The setup doesn’t have to be neat or professional. You can record the chaos of notes using your laptop, mug of coffee, and pens stretched down. If you don’t keep the notes in order the people who follow you will enjoy it.


The last but certainly not the least suggestion is to make countdowns available if you’ve got any product or a complete product line that is due to be launched soon. It is possible to post all of it with the days remaining and simple, but engaging captions. It will surely create excitement among your followers. In addition, it won’t allow them to forget about it and you can also attract new Instagram followers to celebrate your awesome launch.



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