How to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa for a Cruise Ship

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How to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa for a Cruise Ship

If you’re travelling to India on a cruise ship, you’ll need to apply for an Indian tourist visa. While most cruise ships will do this on your behalf, it can save you time and money if you know the right process to follow when you arrive in India. These are the steps to follow when applying for an Indian tourist visa to visit India on a cruise ship.


Recently I was part of a small group going on an educational tour/cruise trip to New Zealand. I had never been there before and it was also my first time taking a cruise ship, so I was nervous about both. It turned out that neither is very difficult and Indian Tourist Visa for Cruise Ship can be easily obtained from any authorized travel agency.

Step 1 – What information you need to have ready?

To apply for an Indian tourist visa, you will need to have your passport with you along with information on how long you plan on staying in India. You will also need proof of funds if traveling from abroad (i.e. credit card statement) and must have proof of onward travel (i.e air ticket or bus ticket). If applying at any government office, it is best that you dress neatly and business-casual attire is recommended; women should wear pants or long skirts (no shorts). At all times, keep your passport and other documents close by because they will likely be requested at some point during your application process. Apply for Indian Business Visa

Step 2 – The application form

Forms can be filled out at Embassies and Consulates or online. Typically, applying in person results in much quicker processing times and may save money on application fees (if there are any). If you are applying by mail, send everything certified return receipt. Once your form is completed and you have paid your fees, email a copy of it to yourself. Be sure to include all contact information as well as instructions on how to proceed with each phase of processing if approved. Also be sure that you keep copies of everything sent from you including receipts and confirmation numbers. This will make it easier if anything goes wrong or when you need further information about your visa status. If at all possible send items via express/registered mail.

Step 3 – Going with your family or friend

If you are travelling with your family or friend, then you will require only one visa. You need to follow step 1 and 2 as mentioned above and make your application as per form VFR-02. Step 4 – Applying via Indian Missions: If you are applying via Indian missions abroad, then step 1, 2 and 3 does not apply in your case.

Step 4 – Applying on your own

Once you have submitted your application in right form, fill out all of your personal details and make sure that they are correct. Once you’ve done that, take 2 passport size photos of yourself and then add them to your application package. It is important that you ensure that they are placed in within plastic pockets which are provided by Immigration New Zealand. To complete your Indian Tourist Visa for Cruise Ship Application Form, you will also need your original passport which is valid for at least 3 months after leaving New Zealand. Be sure to include any other supporting documents with it. Once everything has been completed return it as per instructions on top of each page.

Applying at the Embassy in your country if there is no VFS centre near you

If you are unable to apply for your Indian visa through VFS, it’s possible that you can still apply at your nearest Indian embassy. This is generally easier and quicker than applying through VFS, although not all countries will have an embassy that processes tourist visas. Sometimes cruise ships travel close enough to shore that it’s also possible (but definitely not advisable) to visit a nearby country and then make your way into India on foot or by train. Although we never recommend breaking any laws during your travels, realize that traveling without proper documentation is much riskier and may get you into legal trouble; avoid illegal entry if at all possible.

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