How to watch and stream hot topics

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How to watch and stream hot topics

India is a very big and vast country. A country rich in culture and tradition. Like Indian TV series, life of Indian people is always filled with hot news and hot topics. There is not a single day in a common Indian man’s life which lack these hot topics and news.

Today anyone with a fast enough Internet connection can watch all news, movies, seasons and even can keep up with the trends of the society.

As the world is advancing everyday, Indians are not left behind. India is not only evolving with the changing times but the people of India are also using technology to keep us with what is happening around them. Here are some of the websites where you can watch and stream all the hot topics.

  • The Indian Express:-

If you want to keep an eye on all the hot news and topics, this is the site for you. The website is specifically designed to keep up with the changing trends and not only does it show about the vast country of India but also has a side specified for global news too. So it is very easy for anyone, to keep an eye on what is happening in and out of India.

The website contains all one can wish for, e paper, audios even videos to show how things are going around the globe.

  • NDTV:-

You might think NDTV is like any other website but we are here to prove you

wrong. This website categorizes all news into three main types:-

  1. The most watched
  2. The most read
  3. The most

By this specific type of categorization, one can never miss a news, or any trend happening in India.

  • Google trends:-

Is there a better place to find a hot news then Google, I personally don’t think so.

Google trends is a website not only for Americans but for everyone around the globe with a secure internet, where one can find all the news and hot topics.

Google trends will help you find the most trending searches, in a whole wide range of categories, globally or only in a specific region, like India.

  • Times of India:-

If you are a busy person, who doesn’t have time to read from a website or e paper, but still want to be with trends, we bring you the solution. Times of India is an amazing platform where you can stream and watch all the news and hot topics in India without any problem. The channel will not only keep you up with all the things happening around you but will also provide you with entertainment.

  • India today:-

While we are on the topic of news and hot topics how can we forget India today. A perfect place for you to watch what is happening around you. The staff at India today doesn’t find any news, a small one. For them, you deserve to know all that is happening, in your country, even if that is not very important for others.

This website is a whole new world of trends, news, hot topics and videos that will make your day. Not only this but they are also available in the form of an app, which you can easily download in you phones, from the play store. This app will keep you notified with all the trends.

What else can we probably ask for?

  • Business Today:-

Bringing to you all another amazing website to stream all the hot news, and trends. The website contains news from IPL to business tycoons, and everything in between is covered massively. You will even find the trendiest memes in India on this website. That’s what we all like, to keep up with trends with a pinch of good humor and a lot of trending memes, to keep us going.

  • WION:-

WION, a whole new world of trending and hot news. WION, or we can say World Is One News, brings to you not only the trends and fashions of India but help you keep up with trends in many other countries.

It brings to you the latest and trending news from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, America and around the globe. It has all the flavor we want from politics to sports and entertainment, the website knows how to keep it’s viewers happy.

The story doesn’t end here but other streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, ALT Balaji and Jio tv are also some examples. Audience can watch new movies, web series, documentaries, news and short films on their convenient timing and very reasonable prices, whenever they want.

India is a vast country, with never ending spice and news. Keep visiting our website for more.

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