Learning Graphic Design: 8 Easy & Fundamental Steps for Beginners

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Learning Graphic Design: 8 Easy & Fundamental Steps for Beginners

Want to get started graphic designing? One can become a self-taught graphic designer too but it doesn’t mean that it’s very easy to do so nor that hard which you can’t learn. All you need is having a bit of interest in graphic designing, a learning attitude, and patience. By taking baby steps, you can even stand out in the market as a professional graphic designer. Moreover, if you are looking for a good course to learn graphic designing, you can go for Adobe Illustrator Course in Lahore.

Learning Graphic Design: 8 Easy & Fundamental Steps for Beginners

In this article, I’m excited to share 8 easy and fundamental steps for beginners to learn graphic design so that you can go on your way on the right foot. Let’s get started!

  • Find Your Motive

First thing first. Diving into the world of digital marketing is easy but staying motivated all the time isn’t. There would be a time when you would feel exhausted. That’s where your motive comes in. So before getting started with graphic designing, it is necessary to find a powerful motive to keep moving in this field. 

  • Be Passionate About Designing

Become a keen observer, look around yourself and become passionate about visuals so that you can achieve what you had desired or planned. Otherwise, you might end up staying in the same place where you are now. So be passionate about visuals, graphics, illustrations, etc. Over time with passion, you will learn this designing stuff as well.

  • Learn The Basics Of Graphic Design

After having a strong motive and passion, now comes learning the basics of graphic design. As it is a starting, so try not to feel overwhelmed. Start learning the fundamentals of graphic designing day by day and you will be amazed to see the results that it will bring. The six basic elements of graphic designing include space, dominance, unity, hierarchy, totality, and last but not least is balance. You can dig deep into these terms by learning from Youtube, any good course, or an expert in graphic design. 

  • Get Your Hands On Graphic Design Softwares

Now let’s move on to the usage of different graphic design applications or editing software in order to create awesome and eye-catching graphics/ illustrations. For instance, the most famous software, Adobe, has two independent parts: Illustrator to create vector graphics whilst Photoshop for making raster graphics. In addition, you can also try Inkscape and GIMP for creating pixels as well as vector graphics. If you want to become an expert in graphic designing, you should learn to use popular software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. To learn about graphic design in-depth, why not try a Photoshop course in Lahore.

  • Keep Learning & Practicing

Having a learning attitude is like a file in your graphic designing journey. Keep learning and practice alongside. There are tons of videos on YouTube, and other learning materials that you can go through and find something useful. Always keep in mind whatever you learn, try to do it practically. Because learning without practice is like you are having a leaky bucket. 

  • Taking Inspiration From Others

Looking for inspiration is crucially important in graphic designing in order to be creative and keep moving. Learn to inspire from other fellow creators’ work and take inspiration from them. For instance, visit high-quality graphic designing Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts or even Google by searching #designinspiration, #logodesign, #logo inspirations, #vectorgraphics, etc. 

  • Start Working On Different Projects

Whether you are planning to be a self-taught graphic designer or not, challenge yourself. Give yourself some projects to work on. Ask for recommendations or suggestions from experts. It might be possible that you come across some problems while working on it. In that case, it is wise to seek advice from fellow artists or mentors.

  • Consistency Is The Key

Last but not the least, realize that consistency is the key. In order to be successful, you need to stay consistent and have patience. You might not be able to get results at first but you have to keep moving until you make your mark.

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