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Urgent Visa Online For India

Your journey to the U.S may seem like it will never end, but there’s only one thing standing between you and your American Dream – VISA ONLINE! For most people applying for a U.S visa, the visa interview at the embassy or consulate is the scariest part of the entire process. The thing most people don’t realize, however, is that getting your visa online through an online appointment or non-immigrant visa application (Form DS-160) makes this process much less stressful. In fact, you can even do it all from your computer, while sitting in your living room! URGENT VISA FOR INDIA

Visa On Arrival in India

The Indian e-Visa is an online, non-extendable tourist visa for travel to India for 30 days. It can be used by Indian citizens as well as nationals of several countries that do not require a visa to enter India. The main advantage of applying through the Visa On Arrival scheme is you don’t have to waste time submitting an application form and collecting other supporting documents. In fact, there are no supporting documents required at all! So long as you already have a valid passport and proof of sufficient funds (e.g., bank statement), then getting your visa will be a breeze. The only downside is you need to show up in person at one of two airports (and they are conveniently located in Mumbai and New Delhi). That’s it! URGENT INDIAN VISA

VFS Global / Visa On Demand

VFS Global is a one-stop visa processing solution provider. With its Visa On Demand service, there’s no need to wait at embassies or consulates. You can complete your application process at home on your own time and gain access to an immediate decision through digital channels. The VFS Global Visa On Demand service offers many benefits including flexibility, convenience and peace of mind. Their goal is to help you reach your destination as quickly as possible without any complications.

E-Visa for Indian Passport Holders

The Indian government has recently made it possible for many people to apply for a visa online. In August of 2017, e-visas became available for eligible travelers from more than 50 countries. The e-visas are valid for only 30 days, but they make it easier to apply without having to wait in line at an embassy or consulate (Indian passport holders can still apply in person). Note that eligible travelers include anyone with a U.S. passport or other non-Indian passport who is 21 years of age or older and is visiting India solely as a tourist.

Applying for an Emergency Travel Visa

Before you get started, it’s worth noting that a visa on arrival is a little different than applying for one online. Visa online simply means applying for a visa without having to physically show up at an embassy or consulate. An emergency travel visa, on the other hand, needs to be issued as soon as possible and can only be obtained by visiting a local embassy or consulate in person. What you’ll need: The ability to speak and understand English. A valid passport that expires within six months of your return flight date. Documents proving your employment (if applicable). Financial statements showing ownership of an account with at least $2,000 in it (if applicable). Required documents: You’ll need documents proving where you are currently staying, like proof of residence.

What Documents Are Required?

Every Indian national requires a visa to enter Schengen Area. While most European citizens receive their visa on arrival, others have to apply online for an ETA (or ETIAS) prior to departure. To apply, you’ll need to prepare and submit some documentation. We’ve prepared a list of documents required for Indian nationals seeking an ETIAS visa in 2017; these are what we believe are necessary at present

Who Can Apply?

Citizens of any country may apply for an Indian visa online, although it’s still recommended that you apply in person if possible. If you are visiting India for tourism, business or employment purposes, you can complete your visa application process from anywhere in the world. Before submitting your application, it is important to gather all necessary information and prepare documents accordingly so that all requirements are met.

How Do I Apply?

If you want to apply for a visa, go to our website. You’ll need your passport number, email address and mobile phone number, so have those handy. Go ahead and apply now. In less than 20 minutes you can be on your way to traveling around the world! The next step is paying for your visa using any major credit card or with cash by visiting one of our counters near you. You can also pay via PayPal if that’s more convenient. After we receive payment, we begin processing your application as quickly as possible and send an email confirmation when we’re done! Happy travels!

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