What are the main reasons behind Canada study visa rejection?

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What are the main reasons behind Canada study visa rejection?

Canada is a favored study destination for international students who want to flourish in their careers by acquiring a quality education. Do you know why Canada’s name pops up in the minds of students who want to study overseas? It is because of its quality education, well-experienced trainers and especially remunerative job opportunities. In India, the population is growing at a rapid rate and the employment platforms are decreasing. That’s why there is a huge crowd of Indian students who are planning to move to Canada. Just because of this huge crowd, the Canadian student visa policy is becoming stringent and resulting in a surplus of visa rejections. 

Not everyone is able to move to Canada. There are a lot of factors considered by visa officers before approving a visa. So, you need to be cautious while applying for a visa as any mistake can directly lead to your visa rejection. If you are a novice and don’t know the nitty-gritty of the visa process, you can take proper guidance from the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar. The team of experienced visa consultants will help you get visa approval in a limited time by avoiding factors that lead to visa rejection. 

Here are the main reasons behind Canada study visa rejection: 

  • Financial insufficiency

To study in Canada, you need to show adequate funds for your study program.  The evidence of your finances are important to prove that you can support yourself while staying in Canada. Your funds must be enough for you to pay your tuition fees, your house rent, transport expenditure and other essential things. If the visa officer gets to know that you don’t have adequate funds to support yourself, your visa will surely get rejected by the authorities. 

Do you want to get a student loan to study in Canada? If so, you can take proper assistance from a reputable Canada visa consultant. 

  • Choice of program

When opting for a course, you should make sure that the course you choose must match your educational background. If a visa officer finds that the course selected by you doesn’t match your educational profile, you will get rejected. To tackle this issue, you can mention the appropriate reason for choosing the other course in your statement of purpose( SOP ). Well, if you are opting for a course that aligns with your educational background, you need to give proper detail of your qualification and the experience you have gained. 

  • English language proficiency

The Canadian government accepts students who know how to speak and talk in English. The English language is the official language of Canada that is accepted by most of the provinces. Therefore, you should master your skills in English and appear for the IELTS exam to break the language barrier. Most of the Canadian universities/colleges accept students with overall 6.5 bands while others accept an overall 6 bands. If you are not able to acquire the required minimum marks, the chances of visa rejection increase.  

  • Incomplete documents

Don’t miss out on any documents while going for the interview. Make sure to take every document required for the visa process because any negligence can result in visa refusal. It is better to arrange documents sequence-wise. It will make it easy for the interviewer to go through any kind of information appropriately. If your passport has expired, immediately renew it to eliminate complications. Improper or wrong information and expiry documents can raise your chances of visa refusal. 

Do you want to acquire any kind of information regarding the documents required for a study visa application? If yes, you can seek help from the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar. 

  • No permanent stay 

You can’t stay permanently in Canada with your Canada student visa. Let us tell you, a student visa has validity for a specific time. After a certain duration, you need to return back to your home country. Otherwise, your stay will be counted as illegal until you get a PR. So, you should write your SOP in a way so that the visa officer can get to know that you are just going for a study purpose and move back to your country after the completion of your study program.  Once the authority gets to know that you are moving to Canada to stay permanently, you will surely get a visa refusal.

  • Biometric rejections

One of the main reasons behind student visa rejection is improper scanning and uploading of biometrics. So, it is crucial to be careful while scanning biometrics.After scanning your biometrics properly, upload the right biometrics scrupulously at the proper time to eliminate the chances of visa rejection. 

A well-experienced Canada visa consultant can properly guide you at every step through your visa process and ensure your success in the visa approval. 

Wrapping up 

To wrap up, you should avoid the above-mentioned factors to run your visa process smoothly. It is better to take proper assistance from experts to get your visa approval in less time. 

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