Childcare is a diverse sector that covers a range of professions, organisations, activities, social and cultural conventions. A career in childcare is a safe bet in Australia with immense potential for growth suited to your skill set. The Australian childcare industry is large and employs millions of people being one of the most exciting and diverse sectors to work in. And with the right qualifications at hand, there’s no looking back. Not only does this sector offer extremely fulfilling job roles, the odds are also in your favour now that skilled and passionate workers are highly demanded by this industry in Australia.

Did you know? Childcare workers play a noteworthy role in developing the social and cognitive abilities of children. They plan, play, encourage, explain, nurture and inspire thereby having a profound influence on a child’s wellbeing and development in the formative years of their life. Have you been thinking of becoming a childcare educator? Wondering how to prepare yourself for this rewarding career by gaining the required skills and knowledge? Well, if you would like to pursue work as a childcare educator, providing optimum level of care and supervision to young ones, here is what you need to know about this exciting and gratifying profession.

Many institutes across Australia offer a spread of childcare courses depending on the role you’re seeking. The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the elementary step for ambitious childhood educators looking to set their foot in the childcare industry in Australia. However, if you wish to upgrade your profile or take up the role of a manager or coordinator, then a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care would be a fantastic choice. There’s additionally plenty of room to dream bigger! If you want to help the next generation, get a great start in their life, advance training can create bountiful opportunities for you. Are you ready?


The initial move towards becoming a childcare worker is gaining the right qualifications from a recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Likewise, there are courses to undertake that could kickstart your new role as a childcare worker. Take inventory of the following childcare courses: CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Earning a certificate or diploma is an ideal way launch to your career in the Australian childcare industry.

Advanced Education and Training (AET), offers an array of nationally recognised childcare courses aligned to your needs. AET’s childcare courses are curated by industry experts to help students make valuable and informed career choices, providing fundamental direction to their future pathway options, whether commencing on a new career or looking for a career reversal. AET is devoted to providing quality training and education for its students to make them skilled and competitive for today’s job market. After successful completion of these childcare courses, our graduates get job-ready to work in pre-schools, childcare centres and family-day care centres all across Australia.

The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care provides complete skilled development for students seeking a fulfilling and flourishing career in the childcare industry. At AET, you’ll get to learn from our eminent childcare experts who will equip you with the required skills and aptitude in providing care to children, with an emphasis on play-based learning. It’s indeed apt for aspirants who wish to elevate their career in childcare, take on higher levels of responsibility in childcare service and become responsible for designing and implementing a curriculum in early childhood education and care programs. This educational course is amalgamated with field placements which will enable you to gain real-life experiences. Before undertaking practical placements, students will need to obtain a Working with Children Check. Learning CPR and first aid would also be an advantage in securing a job in this field.


Childcare courses have extensive field placement opportunities, where students get to work in preschools, childcare programs, and kindergartens to gain real-life experiences. Armed with our childcare courses, you’ll be embroiled with the skills and knowledge to explore multifarious roles in childcare and to plan and implement educational programs to facilitate children’s learning and development.

AET’s childcare courses equip you to embark on your career with a score of roles as an Early Childhood Educator, Play Group Supervisor, Nanny, Early Childhood Director and Family Day Care Provider. Sounds inspiring? Build a promising career with attractive wages and gain higher positions in the childcare industry by studying our childcare courses. Childcare workers can earn an average of $60,000* annually. The projected job growth is anticipated to rise by 10.2% in the next five years. Feeling intrigued?

AET offers a range of industry-oriented and job-ready childcare courses as well as a broad spectrum of skill sets that will prepare you for life in childcare. If you have a passion for educating and shaping young minds, explore our childcare courses today. Are you ready to launch your career in childcare? Start progressing towards your goals with AET to discover your brilliant future.

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