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Don’t Waste Your Money In Outbound Marketing in 2018

Don’t Waste Your Money In Outbound Marketing Start Your Inbound Marketing  

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, rather than outwardly pushing a brand, product or service onto prospects in the hope of generating leads or customers.

Digital marketing, this means using a combination of marketing channels – most commonly Content marketingSEO, and Social media – in creative ways to attract people’s attention. The aim of a successful inbound marketing campaign is to increase reach and drive quality traffic, engagement and conversions using ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ media.

Understand what the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Most the heart of most marketing is interrupting people it’s interrupting people with an email whether it worked with a cold call on their phone with an ad while they’re watching their favorite TV show, not on the radio it’s irritating billboards everything print ads TV spots and what they’re doing is essentially what’s happened in sort of society is somebody builds up some traffic whether it’s a highway or it’s a radio show or TV show and you rent a little space of their traffic  and that’s just working less and less while people are getting their tolerance for that interruption has gone down in their ability to block it’s gone way up and

why do you think that is is it because we’re desensitized is because we’re so busy we don’t care what is it?

I think we’re so busy that but also there’s new technology that helps you block it out

Like let’s take email spam protection was sort of one nail in the coffin but the bigger nail in the coffin is Gmail now gives it the ability to sort of separate out all those one too many emails that’s another whopper nail it’s just gonna get harder and harder with phone calls another nail in the coffin was caller ID the second nail.

in the coffin I think well what happened with spam protection will happen with phone calls she’d be able to say mark as spam if someone calls you and it’s spam and there’ll be a spam list and don’t get harder and I think

The other nail and the last nail in the coffin was less and fewer people hate to stop in the phone I hate to talk on the phone I don’t have a phone on my desk anymore.

Most of the sex doesn’t have a phone on their desks anymore. I just think technology’s enabled us to block out more irritating marketing in ever and ever more efficient ways so your solution is in inbound marketing

so what is that sort of the opposite instead of trying to interrupt somebody while they’re doing their work. Ask this Questions

How do you?

How do you trick?

How do you pull them in while they’re working?

How do you match the way your market with the way a human actually lives and works and shops and learns?

our solution is much more around that the cost to develop a piece of content used to be very expensive to create a TV show is very expensive to create a radio show or a newspaper anything by the cost content is really dropped a lot 10 to 100x and so what we say don’t rent a piece of content on somebody else’s traffic you build your own piece of content build your own traffic and rent space to yourself essentially so the costs have developed contents dropped.

inbound marketing Will give take advantage of that cost and build your own traffic in a new way and if you create good content

inbound marketing Content Is The King

“Good Content People Tend To Find Good Content It’s Like a Magnet So If You’ve Got a Good Blog or You’ve Got a Good Show on YouTube or if You’ve Got a Good Ebook or You’ve Got a Good Piece of Any Type of Content It Turns into a Magnet People End Up Finding it The Internet”

Very efficient it’s following people towards great content. So what are some of the downsides because when I think about this you know building an audience and we did this with the show  we focused on great content but it takes time doesn’t it to build that audience but that’s that’s the rub on it traditional marketing is about the width of your wallet

New marketing is about the width of your brain you don’t need a lot of money to create content today to start a show as you’ve started or to start a blog or starting anything today it’s the cost is drop dramatically but you need to be clever and smart and it takes a little bit of time it costs your time and energy that that’s the hard part is it takes a

Little bit of time but  it pays off in spades


Source Behind the Brand